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Doctor of Philosophy in Education


Abraham S. Fischler College of Education


Steven Hecht

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Jennifer Allen

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Maria Levi-Minzi


correction officer, job satisfaction, mental health, physical health, stress


This research study aimed to examine the direct and indirect relationships between on-the-job stress, physical and mental health, and job satisfaction for correction officers. Correction officers have one of the most stressful jobs in law enforcement, however, they are one of the most understudied groups in their field. It is therefore important to examine how stress can affect these correction officers. In this study, the predictors of stress for correction officers were discussed, along with the impact that this stress can have on their physical and mental health. Ultimately, as their health declined, it was hypothesized that the job satisfaction of the correction officers also decreased.

In order to accomplish the goal of this study, an anticipated number of 104 correction officers employed by the New York City Department of Correction were surveyed using a questionnaire. The questions on the questionnaire were divided into five sections, which were based on demographics, the correction officers’ opinions on their stressors, and the impact of stress on their mental health, physical health and job satisfaction. The responses to the questions on the questionnaire were subsequently used to answer the study’s research questions through the use of statistical tests, which included regression analyses and a Sobel test.