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Public Health Major, Pre-Health Minor, Art Minor

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My name is Arianna Calderon but I enjoy going by Aries as well. I'm just a girl from New York who simply loves the idea of creation and storytelling. Making worlds of my own in my head and on paper or any media I can get my hands on has always been an escape-route for myself growing up as I'm not one who enjoys reality. The stress I feel throughout my days is my main drive behind my work, it's my natural form of constant inspiration I guess. I love the idea of clowns which is a pattern I often include in all my paintings, because I love the idea that something so playful and fun could have the face of a sad man under all that paint, and I see that as a great representation of life overall. Or I could just simply like clowns. I hope to continue making work to give people a chance to take a peek in my wicked mindset and get a warm welcome to my world. Aria Nicolette Tan spent her formative years on an island off of the coast of Malaysia and moved around the United States frequently. Her time in areas of high cultural diversity inspired an attraction to the simplicity of the human experience. We are interconnected, and a common theme in her generation is personal identity and how that binds us to the world. Her artistic motivation is to represent a journey that is accessible to anyone.

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