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El Universo / The Universe

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Cora Padilla Castillo, at the age of 15, learned to express her emotions through writing. This has helped her cope with anxiety. Beyond that, her writing represents the thoughts that were never said or have come out of her. Cora has longed to share these thoughts and Digressions has granted her an opportunity to share a piece of her mind with the reader. Cora has a deep interest in the ocean, astronomy, and photography. “The Universe” is a piece originally written in Spanish, but she has revised the English version where it depicts more of what the character wants and sees.

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"In the universe you find things you want to see but at the same time you don’t. When in love you are vulnerable to the feelings that person can transmit to you. This poem is about a love wanting to be noticed for who they are. This individual wants the lover or person of interest to walk into their eyes and see their heart as well to feel their colors. In a way this individual struggles to be seen and prompts the question if they have seen them yet. Within the poem I wanted to also depict the value that in this vulnerable state of love, they are letting them know that they are worthy of love. Most importantly it’s a honor to know the person wanting to be seen, if you can’t see them then the lover isn’t worthy of the person who carries the universe inside them."



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