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Flowers in the Snow

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Rueida Ali writes poetry she cannot live. When she’s not living through the glamor of her alias, she draws inspiration from the mundane, because she believes that’s where true beauty lies. Poetic inspiration comes at any moment in the day, and she is always ready, piling incomplete stanzas to each other in an endless Google document. For every poem that passes as slightly above mediocre, there are hundreds of vile poems that’ll be sent to the ends of the earth before they befall another human’s possession—yes, they can be that lousy.

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"This disoriented poem serves as a poetic memoir of the fiasco that was my first few months in college. While each stanza explores a different experience or feeling, there is a consistent delirious tone throughout the poem. I watched as all aspects of my health deteriorated and felt myself reach sheer madness. In each stanza, I explore the highlights of my first semester, visiting sacrifices I never imagined myself to make because of the failures that persisted in haunting me."



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