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The Wonderful World of XTC

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Public Health/ Dual D.O.

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Pranav Police is a freshman majoring in public health at Nova Southeastern University. Police spends most of his free time listening to and creating music. He plays the bass guitar, trumpet, and piano. Police has been producing music for over 2 years now and posts most of his music on YouTube under the alias XTC 1993.

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"My piece is a collection of beats that display my diverse production techniques and genres. This piece contains some of my early creations that I revisited to match my current style of production. The piece exemplifies my unique drum patterns and melodies as well as precise mixing quality. 'The Wonderful World of XTC' represents my early and disparate work, later serving as the foundation for my subsequent creations."

Ecstasy.wav (17715 kB)
This beat conveys the mystical beauty of life. I made this beat while I was thinking about how magnificent the journey of life is. This beat is a reminder of the unconditional love you should have for yourself.

Duality.wav (60695 kB)
This beat contrasts my abrasive, carefree character and stoic, phlegmatic mindset. The seamless transition highlights how easily I can be one or the other.

DrillTC.wav (30505 kB)
DrillTC is my take on the drill music genre. I blended a simple melody with fast-paced, complex drums to establish a unique sound of mainstream drill music.

Modern.wav (51031 kB)
This beat was an inspiration from mainstream trap songs. The soft melodic pads and the driving drums encapsulates the popular elements of modern trap.

Te Deum.wav (38872 kB)
Te Deum is Latin for "God, we praise you". This beat samples a 5th century monastic chant called Te Deum. The dark melody and the chopped vocals sets a gothic atmosphere that makes you feel like a vampire.



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