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Terracotta Dreams

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Communication and Sociology double major with interdisciplinary studies minor

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Fidel Perez Pujols is 19 years old. From a very young age, Fidel has always been left of center and used creativity to express himself. Somewhere along the way, Fidel lost touch with his art. It was only after the pandemic that he started painting again. Today he uses art as a form of self-expression. Although his primary medium is acrylic paint, Fidel is looking to venture out into new artistic avenues. In Fidel’s art, he likes to capture moments where he feels an overwhelming amount of a particular emotion. Different shapes and colors allow him to express different ideas.

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"In my art, I like to capture moments in time when I feel an overwhelming sense of a particular emotion. Different shapes and colors allow me to express these ideas."

IMG_7957.jpg (191 kB)

IMG_7956.jpg (301 kB)

IMG_7996.jpg (306 kB)
The Flamboyant Tree (Acrylic Painting)

IMG_7998.jpg (294 kB)
DREAM EATR (Acrylic Painting)

IMG_7997.jpg (77 kB)
The Pragmatist (Acrylic Painting)



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