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Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media

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Adit Selvaraj is a Masters-level student in the CRDM program. Adit has always been interested in writing for pleasure, and thoroughly enjoys any opportunity where they get to write in a creative capacity. In their free time, Adit enjoys art, listening to music, and taking naps. In the future, Adit would like a quiet life where they can do all those things, but most preferably with a cat by their side. Adit works as a Graduate Assistant Coordinator at Nova's Writing and Communication Center, and while more attuned to working with essays than creative prose, they enjoy listening to music and writing lyrics and poetry.

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"'A Requiem For Those Who Rest Their Wings' is a piece that emphasizes how nerve-wracking it is to leave your safe space and pursue your dreams. The author behind this piece has many dreams that require them to face their anxiety and present themselves to the world. The piece was especially inspired by the author's enjoyment of Japanese music, particularly the song 'Little Bird' by Chiaki Ishikawa."



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