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Self Portrait

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Major in Psychology, Minor in Art and Criminal Justice

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Maya Selena Leshaw is a 21-year-old college student. Leshaw is a psychology major with an art minor. Growing up, Leshaw often used art as an outlet. However, it was hard for her to express what she could and couldn’t say and turning to art provided that expressive freedom. Over the years, she has continued to use art as an outlet for herself and others. In the future, she hopes to sell her art and use it in her own practice as a licensed art therapist.

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"This piece was my final project for Painting I. Francis Bacon's work heavily inspired this piece. His work often reflected on human emotions and feelings and how humans endure such agony. My painting was much like his self-portraits; I wanted to paint the many feelings I always had. Whether it's the black ( the lows), the blues (the calm moments of serenity), the red (love or pain), or the yellow (the vast moments of happiness)s an experiment. It focused on breaking the boundaries of fire and paper."



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