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A Seasonal Sonnet

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Bachelor’s of Science in Law

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Antonio Miguel Escorzon and his parents moved to South Florida when he was two after he was born in New York. Antonio spent his childhood enjoying swimming and being a player in travel basketball. Antonio was accepted into Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy and joined many of their organizations such as Maverick Band, the National Honor Society, and the Tech Ambassadors. Antonio was inspired to take law after he saw a connection with it through political science during his senior year in high school.

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"I created 'A Seasonal Sonnet' because of an assignment for my high school senior year British Literature where students had to formulate an original sonnet. I was ecstatic with the opportunity to create one, although I knew the difficulties in writing in the particular iambic pentameter. I started with seasons because I sought to give year-round aspects a substantial recognition. I kept the piece in a separate document when I graduated high school and became a student at NSU. When I heard about Digressions, I thought about giving myself a try in submitting my own work."



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