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“Digressions” are temporary departures or instances of divergence from a main theme, so it makes sense that this journal invites students to move away from the rigidity of academia and scholarship. As D.J. King–our first editor–said in Volume 1 in 2004, Digressions encourages students to “take a break from ‘Works Cited’ and turn inwardly to work sighted.” At the Digressions Literary & Art Journal, we strongly believe that everyone is capable of creativity, and should be presented with the opportunity to express themselves, even while pursuing the more fact-oriented fields that Nova Southeastern University has to offer; but we digress.

This year, as we publish Volume 17, we examine our various thoughts and experiences in contrast. The beauty of the urban and the natural; the power and intensity of love and hate; the necessity of peace and chaos; and the presence of light and dark. We examine the universal applications of Yin and Yang.

Life exists in contrast. The mere existence of the Digressions Literary & Art Journal within a science-focused school speaks to this. So, we encourage current and future readers to explore the depths that these pieces present, to look at the art, photography, poetry, and narratives with an appraising look, and, above all, to share your own digressions with Digressions.



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