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Nature is a funny thing. It surrounds us, comforts us, even terrifies us. It can simultaneously calm us, humble us, and easily overwhelm us. In appreciating and understanding nature, we inadvertently appreciate and understand ourselves. As the natural world around us varies so we are varied; our diversity as a species is reflected in our surroundings and when we take a moment to understand those, we soon understand each other. Mother Nature’s ability to grow, transform, revolt, rebuild and birth new life from decay reflects our own ability to do the same. In this 15th volume of Digressions you’ll find the complexities of humanity—the darkness, the light, the resilience and the vulnerability—reflected back at you through the pages. Whether it peeks at you through the leaves of a tree or through the enlightened words of a poem, you’ll find that the beauty and pain of life reside in these pages.



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