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Doctor of Psychology (PhD)


Center for Psychological Studies

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David Reitman

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Angela Waguespack

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Edward R Simco


ADHD, Children, Homework, Intervention, Parent Training


ADHD-diagnosed children generally display multiple difficulties with academic functioning (DuPaul, 2007; Loe & Feldman, 2007; Raggi & Chronis, 2006; Rogers, Wiener, Marton, & Tannock, 2009) and tend to show more frequent and intense homework problems than their peers (Power, Karustis, & Habboushe, 2001). Traditionally, treatments for ADHD have included medication and/or behavioral interventions (DuPaul & Weyandt, 2006; Loe & Feldman, 2007); however, interventions targeting the homework problems of children with ADHD have been limited. One such intervention for the treatment of children with ADHD and homework problems, the Homework Success Program (HSP), has yet to be empirically evaluated with individual families. The current study evaluated the effectiveness of the HSP, a seven-session family-school intervention that incorporates parent training and emphasizes collaborative parent-teacher consultation (Power et al., 2001). Participants included four children diagnosed with ADHD enrolled in grades 2 through 4, along with their parents and teachers. This study used a non-concurrent multiple-baseline design to assess treatment effects. Results from this study suggest that the HSP is a promising treatment for improving the homework-related problems of ADHD-diagnosed children. Participant satisfaction with and acceptability of the HSP were noted. Study limitations and suggestions for future research are discussed.

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