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Working with Sexual and Gender Minority Male Sexual ‎Abuse Survivors: Training Peers, Mental Health Treatment ‎Trial, and Preferences for Next Steps

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2021-11-02 to 2021-11-05

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This presentation explores the mental health treatment needs and preferences of masculine-identifying sexual abuse survivors. Using qualitative interviews, 60 study participants were asked about their experiences with and preferences for psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, in-person versus telehealth, group or individual format, and delivery by a peer versus a licensed professional. Many participants reported never having engaged in formal mental health treatment in the past. Several reported considering counseling but did not follow through. Barriers to treatment engagement, as identified by participants, will be presented including experiences of discrimination, difficulty accessing care (i.e., unsure how to find a provider, insurance and other financial challenges), or the therapy or therapist style was not a good fit. The perceived efficacy of treatment will also be discussed as well as the impact of medication side effects. Participants also shared the impact of the format (i.e., group versus individual, telehealth versus in-person), participant characteristics of the group (i.e., the inclusion of trans/non-binary participants with cisgender participants), and type (e.g., trauma informed versus skill building) of therapy being provided on their preference for peer versus professionally-delivered treatment.