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Art Therapists From Argentina, India, and South Korea Explore Ethical Dilemmas, Solutions

Event Title

2019 American Art Therapy Association Annual Conference

Event Location

Kansas City, MO

Document Type

Panel Discussion

Presentation Date


Date Range

2019-10-30 to 2019-11-03


What can Confucianism teach Western art therapy program faculty whose classes include students from East Asian countries? In more informal cultural environments, do art therapists need to institute the strict requirements of informed consent and confidentiality that are such important features of clinical work in the West?

Objective 1:
Participants will be able to define three Korean concepts (jeong, jip-an, and chae-myun) that impact the experience of Korean students who attend Western art therapy training programs.

Objective 2:
Participants will be able to name three cultural differences experienced by an Argentinean art therapist who was trained in a Western art therapy program that was psychoanalytically/psychodynamically oriented.

Objective 3:
Participants will be able to name the AATA Standard (2013) that addresses the importance of art therapists taking the steps necessary to become not only sensitive to cultural differences that exist between themselves and their clients, but also able to provide their clients with culturally relevant interventions and treatment.