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Understanding the Factors that Affect Parenting and Parent-Child Relationships in the Context of Acculturation in Latino Families

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2019 NLPA (National Latinx Psychological Association) Conference: Nuestra Lucha Continúa

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Miami, Florida, USA

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2019-10-17 to 2019-10-20


When working with Latinx youths, most clinicians and researchers would agree that parents should be involved in the therapeutic process given the value of familismo in Latino families. However, scarce research has focused on the cultural factors affecting Latino families and consequently youths’ mental health. The purpose of this symposium is to consider how the process of immigration and acculturation affects Latino families and what aspects of these cultural experiences should be targeted in treatment to improve youths’ mental health. The first presentation will focus on conceptual models that describe the impact of acculturation processes on family relations in Latino families and will examine the evidence regarding how these cultural and family processes are related to child mental health outcomes. The second presentation will examine empirically the association between cultural factors that increase parental stress and parenting behaviors. Finally, the third presentation will evaluate how parent-child relationships in Latino families may affect the youth’s mental health, with a focus on anxiety symptoms.