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HIV Testing Characteristics among Hispanic Adolescents

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Hispanic adolescents, HIV screening, HIV risk

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Journal of Community Health




Hispanic adolescents are dis proportionally impacted by HIV/AIDS. Among Hispanic people living with HIV, delayed testing and late entry into HIV care have been documented. The current study examined Hispanic adolescents’ HIV testing characteristics and factors related to testing. Adolescents aged 13–16 (N = 223) completed a survey on HIV testing motivation, perceptions, and experience, sexual behavior, and substance use. Results indicate few adolescents (9 %) had taken an HIV test. Among those who have not been tested, 32.5 % expressed interest in testing. HIV testing was favorably perceived with 82.4 % reported testing should be done with all youth or those are sexually active. Adolescents who had engaged in high risk behaviors (history of sexual intercourse, substance use) were more likely to have been tested or to express interest in testing. Given that HIV testing is positively perceived by Hispanic adolescents, prevention efforts should focus on minimizing barriers and enhancing accessibility to HIV screening.

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