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Increasing Teacher Use of Contingent Praise and Contingent Materials Using Consultant Feedback and Praise

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School Psychology Review








Extended the work of A. Cossiart et al (see record 1973-29805-001) by (1) broadening the range of teacher behaviors to include both the use of contingent praise and contingent educational materials, (2) presenting a procedure that was efficient in terms of demands on teacher and consultant time, and (3) illustrating the delivery of services using a behavioral consultation model with an actual client in the natural environment. Three teaching staff members and a 10-yr-old Pakistani boy with academic and behavior problems participated in a case study. Observation data of teacher–student interactions were taken 2 or 3 times a week over a 6-wk period by a consultant. The consultant also collected data on the frequency of staff delivery of praise and extra educational materials that the pupil found reinforcing. Results indicate that consultant feedback and praise immediately following each observation period had a positive effect on staff delivery of contingent reinforcing educational materials. There was a significant reduction in 1 behavior of the pupil that had been targeted as undesirable. It is suggested that immediate feedback and praise may not be required to achieve positive results and future studies might try a more flexible or intermittent schedule.

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