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New Developments in the Role of Neuropsychological and Psychological Assessments in Rehabilitation, Case Management and Life Care Planning

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Journal of Life Care Planning






The fields of life care planning and psychology play a significant role together in assisting patients to receive the best care possible after an injury that has drastically changed their life. Neuropsychological and psychological assessments can aid the life care planner in determining the future needs of adult and pediatric patients. Testing assesses areas such as attention, cognitive decline, emotional functioning, intellectual ability, memory, and many other areas of functioning to provide a thorough picture of a person's current abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. It is important that life care planners understand psychological assessments and that psychologists provide useful information in their report that will aid others in knowing what type of care the patient will need. The objective of this article is to inform those in the life care planning field of the new developments in testing that may affect how one plans for the future care and treatment of their patient.

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