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Video Review — Group Counseling with Children: A Multicultural Approach

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The Professional Counselor


In these videos, Sam Steen, Ph.D., and Sheri Bauman, Ph.D., utilizes therapeutic interventions in their group counseling collaboration to create effective ways of educating children about diversity. Steen and Bauman introduce the video by sharing the necessary steps in group formulation and preparation: planning, screening, modeling, self-disclosure (not too personal), processing (reflect, think and ponder) and evaluating (age appropriate and specific to the group). Throughout these videos, counselors are instructed in how to replicate groups.


The author reviewed a video.

Psychotherapy.net (Producer), & Gallego, T. (Director). (2011). Group counseling with children: A multicultural approach [DVD]. Available in DVD and video streaming from http://www.psychotherapy.net/video/diversity-group-children