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High-Fidelity Design of Multimodal Restorative Interventions in Gulf War Illness

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Technical Report

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Defense Technical Information Center


Our objective is to further refine models of immune and endocrine regulatory dysfunction developed under W81XWH-10-1-0774 Broderick PI by improving fidelity of the timescale and drug action thereby translating previously idealized treatments into optimally beneficial low-risk drug re-purposing strategies that are immediately deployable as short exposure courses in phase-I clinical trials. With collaborating PI Dr. Whitley CSU, we continue to make substantive progress towards project goals during this reporting period. We have now implemented tools for the i direct integration of data with the contextual logic, ii the efficient identification of treatment target sets destabilizing illness and ensuring remission reachability. We have completed broader more detailed models of male and female regulatory physiology and are currently updating treatment predictions as well as incorporating the use of drug-target pairs.