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Discrimination of schizophrenic and brain damaged patients by a standardized version of Luria's neuropsychological tests

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Journal Golden 15 of Consulting and Clinical Psychology






One of the major tests facing psychiatrists and mental health professionals is identifying psychiatric disorders which are caused by structural damage to the brain. Many psychological tests have frequently been used to do this, but extensive research has found most psychological tests to be ineffective in populations consisting of chronic schizophrenic patients. The present study evaluates the ability of a new test, based on the work of the Russian neuropsychologist, A. R. Luria, to discriminate between chronic schizophrenic and neurological patients. Results from earlier studies suggested that the battery is 88% effective in making these discriminations. The present study compared 50 schizophrenic and 50 neurological patients on the test battery. The results found that the Luria Neuropsychological Battery was extremely effective in making this discrimination, achieving an overall accuracy rate of 87%, far higher than the results reported for any psychological tests using a comparable population. Other advantages of the standardized Luria Neuropsychological Examination and its uses in psychiatric practice are discussed.

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