The Effects of Coastal Management Practices on Regional Sand Movement between Hillsboro Inlet and Port Everglades Inlet

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M.S. Coastal Zone Management

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William Venezia

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Richard E. Dodge


The purpose of this paper is to a) review the performance of inlet and beach management practices for the 11.5 miles of shoreline located between Hillsboro Inlet and Port Everglades Inlet in Broward County, Florida (Figure 1) and b) to evaluate sediment budgets for this region. A similar study has already been carried out for the region to the South of Port Everglades by Lin et al. ( 1994 ). In their paper entitled "Regional Sand Movement and Performance of Successive Beach Restoration Projects" they analyzed sediment movement between Port Everglades Inlet and Bakers Haulover Inlet with the objective of evaluating the performance of beach restoration projects within their study area. I will use the methodology developed by Lin et al. to expand the study region and develop a regional sediment budget to provide an overall understanding of existing beach and inlet management practices in Broward County, and their interaction.

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