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NSU’s biology program played a crucial role in preparing me for medical school. It provided me with a well-rounded understanding of core sciences as well as more challenging courses such as anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, and cellular and molecular biology. NSU’s supportive and knowledgeable faculty in the biology program also played a significant role in my future endeavors. Amazing professors such as Dr. Emily Schmitt Lavin, Dr. Santanu De, and Dr. Christopher Blanar helped shape my academic and personal development. Their expertise, guidance, and mentorship challenged me to explore new ideas, and provided me with valuable advice throughout my journey as a pre-med student. NSU provided me with a glimpse into the diverse career paths within the medical field that I am able to pursue and helped solidify my decision to pursue a medical degree. My advice to future premed students is to take your goals at your own pace and always keep in touch with your professors and friends! Everyone goes at a different pace and remember that you have many mentors supporting you along the way! Have faith in yourself, your knowledge, and your abilities! Thank you NSU.


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