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BS Biology

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PreHealth & Honors

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As I sit here and remember NSU, it always brings a smile to my face. The memories of brilliant lectures and funny conversations alongside the happy faces that comprise NSU flood my mind. NSU prepared me for a path that has helped me realize my goals and aspirations in becoming a Doctor. Although NSU was a great environment that nurtured by love for medicine, it can not be said enough that Dr.Schmitt and her colleagues inspired us to look at the world with a willingness to help. Without their zeal for the field of biology, I feel that I would have been lacking direction. Dr.Schmitt has allowed me to feel confident about my self and the future while providing me with the instruments to succeed. Additionally, Dr. Schmitt and Science Alive has helped me to feel excited for my first year of medical school at KCUCOM-Joplin. As I start the next year, I look back and remind myself of a phrase my family likes to say, "Just keep swimming" and I hope you say the same to yourselves.


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