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BS Biology

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May 2022

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Success has no time frame…. It took 6 years, 3 schools, 1 gap year, and many moments where I felt like I didn't belong in college to graduate finally. Unfortunately, I have realized that many of my peers have experienced the same feelings of hopelessness, depression, loneliness, and anxiety. Yet, most struggled in silence or did not have access to sufficient support to assist them in overcoming these hindrances. If you have not known these circumstances, I wish you a continued fortune. But if you have, please let me offer you a few words of advice:

1. Do not compare yourself to others.Each journey is unique to an individual and may not occur in a "straight line."
2. Take a step back to move two steps forward. It is only giving up and failing if you do not learn anything.
3. Reach out for support. If you have trouble communicating what you're feeling or do not have an opportunity to gather support, express yourself through creativity or reach out to someone, anyone.
4. Practice self-care through self-validation. Being mindful of your emotions and acknowledging them may yield the control you need right now.
5. Prioritize yourself AND practice empathy, respect, and kindness. Many people come into your life, and the situation may not work out. But always be thankful for the good they may have offered.
6. Take it day by day and adapt. No explanation is necessary.

Nova Southeastern University was the door for me that would lead to new opportunities. There may be a lot of difficult moments, but as a student, it is your prerogative to reach out and ask for help. Never give up on that search. NSU's biology program and its outstanding professors will prepare you for any graduate or life situation that is difficult to adapt to. I am also available to offer an ear or advice on how to get through the hindrances that undergrad life may present.


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