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My name is Pedro Manuel Belaunzaran, and I graduated with an MS in Biological Sciences Health Studies Concentration from Nova Southeastern University. This program helped me achieve my life-long endeavor of earning admissions to NYU College of Dentistry. Moreover, most of the courses shaped my critical thinking skills to start thinking like doctors, especially in Pathophysiology. I feel more prepared for the upcoming classes that I will begin this summer in dental school. The courses that I will be taking as a D1 student are more or less the same as what I took during this program. Pathophysiology, Pharmacodynamics, and Advanced Regional Anatomy & Lab were my favorite courses during the program. Dr. Deanne Roopnarine helped advise on my application, especially with the personal statement, and she met with me frequently to make sure that I was progressing towards my goal. The best advice that I can provide anyone who would want to attend this program is to follow the timeline that Dr. Deanne Roopnarine sets forth to have a better chance of becoming admitted into dental school during your last term of the program. Please note that this program will mold you into becoming a more competitive applicant to dental school for those of you who are pursuing dentistry. This program will push you to become more prepared for starting your first semester in dental school with 25 credits of rigorous courses.


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