Submission Title

The Conflict of Motherhood

Artist Statement

These images represent the sentimental aspect of motherhood while capturing the harsh reality of the changes occurring within the female body during a really crucial time. While the baby is growing there is immense conflict and challenges the motherly body must overcome and adapt to in order to successfully carry to term and bear a child. The pressure of the growing uterus and moving baby creates ups and downs in multiple organ systems that in turn not only affect the reproductive system of a woman but every fiber of her being. The journey of motherhood is so much bigger than the naked eye can see in an external growing form. Transcending into the homeostasis the mother's body is trying to balance through the renal, respiratory, cardiovascular, and essentially every system in both small and big ways to compensate for the increasing stress the mother's body is put under to grow a whole new human.

About the Artist

Jaime Reiser is from New Jersey and completed her undergraduate degree at Kent State University in Ohio before moving down to the sunshine state to partake in the CHPP program at Nova Southeastern University. She has always been passionate about art and enjoys doodling as a form of education and enjoyment. She hopes to pursue medicine as an M1 next year at KPCOM and would love to explore the field of pediatric neurology as a potential specialty.