About This Journal

The arts have always served humanity as a potent vehicle to nourish, uplift because they are an affirmation of life, imagination and creativity. In keeping with College of Osteopathic Medicine Dean Elaine Wallace’s vision for “wellness” across the NSU community, welcome to the medical humanities journal be Still. Each issue will explore a dedicated theme that embraces the concept of the arts as medicine-to heal, soothe and inspire our souls.

The logo for be Still was created by Patt Gateley. Gateley's artistic statement is as follows:

  • As an artist working with oil and chalk color pastels, I am drawn to abstracting lines and shapes of movement. When working graphically, incorporating words and symbols, I strive to unify colors, imagery and lettering into a cohesiveness to convey a representational concept, as in the logo for be Still ~ a Journal of the Medical Humanities
  • As a recipient of osteopathic manipulation, I am aware of the healing energy (represented by the blue markings of movement in this logo) which enhances and aligns the energy of vitality represented by the red-orange within the human body. Thus, the emergence of this symbolic logo for this journal.