Artist Statement

I am grateful for the opportunity to write this piece, share my thoughts and give a moment of gratitude for the grace that medical students show to others, their attending physicians, patients and most importantly themselves Effective writing, speaking, and expression is easily born from a struggle with others. Our own internal battles emote themselves as prolific poetry.

This piece was inspired by the quote by Yeats.

About the Artist

Suzanne Riskin M.D. is an Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Foundational Sciences at the Clearwater campus of KPCOM She is interested in bringing narrative medicine to the curriculum because she is inspired by the works of her students.

She received her B.A. from The University of Pennsylvania and her M D degree from The University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine When she is not reviewing physiology and academic medicine, she spends her time practicing the ukulele and cooking fish with olives, onions and olive oil.