Submission Title

Balance and Baking

Artist Statement

The piece is a personal perspective of how engaging in hobbies can help one find balance and peace. It is about discovering my love for baking and how baking has shaped my life as a person and a medical student. Baking puts me in a somewhat meditative state that grounds me and makes me feel connected to the world at large and to my needs in particular.

About the Artist

I am first-year medical student at Nova Southeastern University. When I decided to go into the vigorous training to make me a good physician, I was worried that along the way, I would forget the reason I wanted to be a physician. I would be absorbed into an already existing way of doing things and I would lose my creativity which was essential for me to develop plans for much needed changes to the health care system. Therefore, I prioritize doing the things that keep me creative. I sing; I write; I do photography; I keep my mind open for inspiration. This way, I will not only bee a knowledgeable physician, but a creative one.