Submission Title

The Gift of a Stranger

Artist Statement

As we are taught in our physics classes, energy is neither created nor destroyed it is simply transferred. Whether that energy manifests itself as power to fuel an engine or as knowledge to fuel a life of passion and intimacies, the energy influences one in the same. I simply seek one thing out of life, that those who come into contact with my energy find themselves transformed in the subtlest of ways so that they may, in turn, inspire another so that the cycle continues on and on.

About the Artist

Angel Marquez serves as an Officer in the U.S Army and is an M2 at NSU KPCOM. He originally wrote this piece for the 2018 cadaver memorial and since then went on to become an Anatomy Fellow for the University. His intent behind the poem was to respect the gift that's given to medical students around the world and emphasize that even after life has passed us our actions can still inspire generations to come.