Submission Title

A Child's Curiosity

Artist Statement

A curious 5-year-old girl placed a stethoscope against her chest in St. James, Jamaica on the December 2018 medical outreach trip. Even though this was my second time returning to Jamaica, I remained amazed at the fearless children not cringing and even smiling during the physical exam. I recalled a brave 10-year-old girl seeing the medical and optometry teams by herself as her father volunteered on-site. Such positive attitudes were reflected among numerous community members through their great respect and continuous gratitude towards healthcare professionals. They touched my life as I touched theirs.

About the Artist

Quynh-Nhu Tran, M.S., is a second-year medical student at NSU-KPCOM. Being the oldest grandchild living in America, she enjoys witnessing her younger cousins grow up. Since the younger generations are our future, she aspires to become an OB/GYN to contribute from the very beginning.