Submission Title

Looking From Within

Artist Statement

I made this with my father using a lateral chest X-ray superimposed under a quality control film. Together, we drew in the facial features, cut and pasted and enlarged the photographic image to produce this beautiful, strong assertive woman. We thought this image perfectly reflects the power, determination, and mystery contained within her gaze. Together and from within, women show their strength.

About the Artist

Because this is my final year, I have been eagerly applying and interviewing for a residency position in Internal Medicine. I also recently got married to the love of my life this past year and we are both hoping to start a family soon. It is because of the support and guidance of my wife and my parents that I am able to pursue my passion for art and medicine. Being able to see art in its many forms is a skill that was instilled in me by my father growing up. During my years in medical school, I have further grown to appreciate art in its many forms; whether they be through radiographic imaging or seeing a surgeon perform a cholecystectomy.

Phillip Berges is a Fourth Year Medical Student.