Submission Title

Blinding Blue Neon

Artist Statement

Blinding Blue Neon created in 2000, exemplifies the artists use of familiar forms to establish relationships with the viewer through deeply personal narratives, brutal honesty and a blunt sense of humor. Caste in electric blue, the glowing neon is reminiscent of commercial signage fabricated with the intention of seducing its viewer to consume. The outline of the women, however, is rendered with a loose freedom which gives the form a liveliness and character which transcends otherwise racy connotations. Emin’s autobiographical and confessional work spans a variety of mediums, including drawing, photography, neon, video performance and applique.

About the Artist

Tracey Emin is a member of the YBA (Young British Artists), a group who collaborated in exhibitions in the 80's and 90's. According to Maureen Paley, a well-known gallerist; “The thing that came our of the YBA generation was boldness... a belief that yes, you can do anything.”