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Artist Statement

This is a painting of a girl names Cintya from Huancayo, Peru. I went to Peru on a medical mission trip with the Foundation for the International Medical Relief of Children in 2012. Cintya was in an orphanage called Rosario that houses victims of sexual abuse. Another girl at the orphanage had gone around the orphanage taking pictures and this painting depicts one on those pictures. I’m not sure what it is about the photo, but I just love the expression on her face and she has a natural, relaxed happiness that can only come from a close friend taking your photo. When I look at this picture, it reminds me that contentment can be found even in the worst of situations.

About the Artist

Seher Chowhan is a second year medical student.

I'm originally from Indiana, and I went to college at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Art has been a constant passion in my life, starting from the moment I discovered I could draw what I see (I was in 3rd grade, and if it weren't for my uncle who backed me up, my family would STILL think I traced Bugs Bunny). The rest is history; I've been drawing and painting ever since!