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A Multi-Dimensional Library: Embedding 3D Scanners into the Science Classroom Curriculum -- Jaime Goldman and Keri Baker

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Virtual Zoom Conference / April 23-24, 2020

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Podium Presentation

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2020 SAIL Virtual Conference -- Resilient Libraries - Navigating the Ebb & Flow of Change


To meet the ever-increasing need of hands-on experiential learning in the classroom, the Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Campus Library purchased a 3D Scanner in order provide technology to proactively support this need and to further embed librarians in the curriculum. To ensure the successful library partnership and roll-out of this useful tool, the librarians worked with faculty to embed the scanner in the syllabus and create an assignment learning outcome, then presented library instruction sessions in the classroom and created guides and tips sheets for students to learn how to use this new technology. The hands-on tool is now being used in the Fisheries and Avian Ecology classes to teach students how to prepare skulls for scanning, from procurement, processing, 3D scanning, and final publication of the 3D Scan in our online repository, NSUWorks. This presentation will cover the evolution of this new initiative, including: working with donors to secure funding; selection and purchase of a 3D scanner; providing supporting documentation and training in online guides and in the classroom for using the technology; embedding the library and technology into course syllabi for an assignment; and final upload and publication of scans into the online institutional repository. Attendees will learn how the library became an irreplaceable resource and played a key role in hands-on learning in the classroom by leveraging library technology to work collaboratively with faculty to support learning and research.

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