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Nova Law Review, staff, editorial board, 1998, 1999, editors, law students, yearbook, photo, law review


These are posed photographs of the Nova Law Review's Board of Editors and staff members from the 1998-1999 academic year. These photographs appeared in the First Amendment yearbook .

The first caption reads, "The Nova Law Review completed its twenty-third year in publication. Law Review contributes its success to the combined efforts of the dedicated Board of Editors, Associate Editors, and staff. These individuals illustrate academic excellence and commitment to promoting Nova's name on a national level."

The second caption reads, "Board of Editors, left to right: Susan Pesel, Executive Editor; Kristina Candido, Articles Editor; Jeffrey Cox, Editor in Chief; Grace Solomon, Technical Editor; Jason Himschoot, Articles Editor; Tonja Haddad, Articles Editor;. Not pictured: Cynthia Spall, Lead Articles Editor; Amanda Blackman, Articles Editor; Samuel Kohrs, Articles Editor."

The third caption reads, "Front row, left to right: Laura Cox, Maritza Reyes-Jindali, Maria Lamb, Diane Gioe, Melissa Fisher, Jason Weaver, Heather Perry, Chad Laing, Samantha Fitzgerald, Chris Brown, Richard Asselta, Daniel Weinger, Thomas Moon, Jason Himschoot, Howard Citron, Gregory Beck."

The fourth caption reads, "Second row: Judy Stroud, Deanna Bufo, Glenn Thomas, Alicia Lyons, Tonja Haddad, Temple Fett, Mary Clarke."

The fifth caption reads, "Third row: Susan Pesel, Jeffrey Stone, Nicole Ligotti, Christian Guzzano, Jeffrey Cox."

The sixth caption reads, "Back row: Joanna Bryan, Kristina Candido, Fred Cohen, Sagi Shaked."

The seventh caption reads, "Not Pictured: Dorian Winthrop, Beth Connolly, Raquel Chaviano, Seamus Lyman, Robyn Lustgarden, Jennifer Kane, Roy Harris, Josh Dubin, Sidney De Menezes, Greg Chonillo, Jude Cooper, Ramon Palacio, Rodney Rawls, Dori Stibolt, Candice Tobin, Nicole Churchya, Stacey Coltune, Linda Davis, Phil DiComo, Larry Franco, Steve Marcus, Marc Seitles, Motty Shulman, Werner Steiner, Brian Tenzer, Debi Weissberger, Anthony Barak, Emomotimi Brisibe, Cory Mauro."

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Spring 2019

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This is an electronic .jpeg file that was created from the original photo that appeared in the 1999 Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law School First Amendment yearbook.

Digital Collection

Nova Law Review Staff Yearbook Photos


These photographs portray staff and board members of the Nova Law Review during the 1998-1999 academic year.




These photogaphs were scanned from the 1999 edition of the First Amendment yearbook created at the Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law.


Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law


Nova Law Review Volume 23


The yearbooks from prior years are housed in the Nova University Shepard Broad College of Law's Panza Maurer Law Library as well as the Law Alumni office.




Nova Law Review, staff, editorial board, 1998, 1999, editors, law students, yearbook, photo, law review


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