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Jazmin Zea
Class of 2010

"My courses in Conflict Analysis and Resolution allow me to understand how to define the root causes of conflict in everyday struggles. For instance, in our coursework, we learn about the different styles of conflict management. We may encounter or perhaps see ourselves become the avoider (leave-lose/win), accommodator (yield-lose), collaborator (win/win), or the controller (win/lose). It is beneficial to understand your personal conflict style, to learn how to pick and choose your battles in the field of Student Affairs You can also use conflict analysis and resolution to understand and take a step back to see how the other person is feeling. The Graduate Assistant experience is very practitioner-based; you have many responsibilities over-seeing a functional area to your department and the division. The experience makes you very marketable because you deal with entry-level professional duties."

"In my professional role with the university, I utilized all the fundamental courses in conflict analysis and resolution and student affairs to hone my skills. I am seen as an ombudsman. The students feel comfortable talking to me and addressing their concerns or opinions. Also, working in Higher Education opens the door for you to work with governmental agencies such as the Department of Education, and many other entities that provide resources and funding opportunities to students."

Outright and Community Development Supervisor, Nova Southeastern University
Master of Science in College Student Affairs