The CPCe (Coral Point Count with Excel extensions) program is a Windows-based software (PC use only) that provides a tool for the determination of coral cover using transect photographs. A specified number of spatially random points are distributed on a transect image and the features underlying the points are user-identified. Coverage statistics are then calculated and the results sent to Excel spreadsheets automatically.

Additionally, CPCe can be used for image calibration and area analysis of benthic features. Excel sheets are automatically generated to summarize the area calculations for each image.

Using CPCe

Using CPCe is simple and straightforward. The main form is where the transect photograph is displayed, along with the coral codes. The main form has the following menu items: File, Mark Border, Point Overlay, Measurement, Image Enhancement, Utilities, Options, and Help. Please see the supplemental files below for instructions on each of these menu items.




CPCe Citation

Please use the following citation in published literature using CPCe:

Kohler, K.E. and S.M. Gill, 2006. Coral Point Count with Excel extensions (CPCe): A Visual Basic program for the determination of coral and substrate coverage using random point count methodology. Computers and Geosciences, Vol. 32, No. 9, pp. 1259-1269, DOI:10.1016/j.cageo.2005.11.009.

Support Statement

Support CPCe CPCe is released as copyrighted freeware. It is the National Coral Reef Institute's (NCRI) aim to provide a useful tool for researchers, coral reef managers, and individuals involved in coral reef monitoring, assessment, and restoration. Due to its popularity, updating CPCe and providing support via email and telephone requires a significant amount of time and effort. If you have found CPCe to be useful for your institution's research, we encourage you to make a donation that will be used for the further development and support of CPCe. Donation suggestions: Single user: $200 Multiple user (<10): $500 Multiple user (>10): $1000 Donation Link in comment below:


Halmos College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences


Donation Link

CPCe Menu Items .pdf (80 kB)
Menu items Descriptions

V41_enhancements (1).pdf (138 kB)
Version 4.1 List of Enhancements / Improvements

cpce40_setup_full.exe (21399 kB)
Version 4.0 Installation File

cpce36_setup_full.exe (17353 kB)
Version 3.6 Installation File with Reference Images (17.7 Mb)

cpce36_setup_noimages.exe (4118 kB)
Version 3.6 Installation File Without Reference Images (4.2 Mb)

codeimages.zip (13231 kB)
Reference Images for V3.6

cpce35_setup.exe (6398 kB)
Version 3.5 Installation File

cpce_35 (1).exe (2912 kB)
Version 3.5 Executable File Only

cpce34_setup.exe (6321 kB)
Version 3.4 Installation File