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PostScript for Technical Drawings

Intended for users interested in generating technical drawings or graphics for technical journals in PostScript format. The manual describes PSPLOT, a library of Fortran-callable subroutines which can be combined in a calling program to produce PostScript plot files. The purpose, syntax, and calling convention of each subroutine is presented , along with plotting examples.

PostScript is a very robust graphics and typesetting language with wide-ranging capabilities. Since the focus of the subroutines in this library is to produce technical drawings, many of the "artistic" features of PostScript have not been addressed or included here.

The name PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated. All instances of the name PostScript in this manual are references to the PostScript language as defined by Adobe Systems Incorporated.

PSPLOT is distributed free of charge for non-commercial use.

A Fortran 95 version of the software is available for download with associated documentation. This version is not maintained, supported, or guaranteed by NSU OC and any technical inquiries should be directed to dregonjanos@gmail.com.

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Halmos College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences


Below are the files relating to the psplot library. Right click and download the appropriate file(s). The PSPLOT source is in psplot.txt (or .zip). The other files are the documentation and examples.

You need only retrieve grman.ps OR (grmaneb.ps & grmano.ps) or their zipped forms. The second option allows you to print a double-sided copy of the documentation on a single-sided printer by printing grmaneb.ps, flipping the pages, and printing grmano.ps.

The source code (psplot.txt) is standard Fortran 77. You can either compile the whole thing at once, or separate the individual routines, compile separately, and place in a library.

The second method is best if you plan on making periodic changes to the code, in that you don't have to recompile everything all the time. The routines are delimited in the .txt file with C*****routinename. You can write a short script to extract the individual files out if you don't want to do it by hand.

grman.ps (1395 kB)
PostScript version of psplot documentation. (Approx. 820Kb)

grman.zip (143 kB)
Zipped version of grman.ps

grmana4.ps (1396 kB)
PostScript version of psplot documentation for A4 paper (Approx. 820Kb)

grmana4.zip (143 kB)
Zipped version of grmana4.ps

grmaneb.ps (387 kB)
PostScript version of psplot documentation, even pages, printed in reverse order. (Approx. 420Kb)

grmaneb.zip (53 kB)
Zipped version of grmaneb.ps

grmano.ps (387 kB)
PostScript version of psplot documentation, odd pages. (420Kb)

grmano.zip (53 kB)
Zipped version of grmano.ps

npzdmain.for (42 kB)
Example Fortran plotting program Note: This is intended as an example program, not an executable. You cannot run this file, as the data set required is not provided due to its size.

npzdmain.ps (1083 kB)
Output PostScript file created with npzdmain.for (1.2Mb!!)

npzdmain.zip (222 kB)
Zipped version of npzdmain.ps

onehalf3d.for (5 kB)
Fortran plotting program used to create onehalf3d.ps

onehalf3d.ps (36 kB)
Output PostScript file created with onehalf3d.for

pslayout.com (1 kB)
VMS script (but can be adapted) for running pslayout.for

pslayout.for (14 kB)
Utility for printing multiple frames/page of a PostScript file created with PSPLOT

pspage.com (1 kB)
VMS script (but can be adapted) for running pspage.for

pspage.for (7 kB)
Utility for printing certain pages of a PostScript file created with PSPLOT

psplot.txt (259 kB)
Source code for the psplot library.

psplot.zip (40 kB)
Zipped version of psplot.txt

readme.txt (2 kB)
File listing and descriptions

release_notes.txt (1 kB)
Notes and changes relating to PSPLOT

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