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Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills

Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills



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In a new and significantly expanded third edition, Communication & Conflict Resolution Skills provides practical applications for enhancing communication and personal or professional leadership effectiveness. Engaging, user-friendly material will assist in building skills, improving relationships, and utilizing effective problem solving at work, at home, and in your communities. Instructors, students and trainers can use this book as a textbook, a handy “go-to” reference, or as a workbook to supplement workshops and learning experiences in communication and conflict management.

This book presents immediately applicable knowledge and skills in a series of small, understandable units that the reader can practice, master, and use as building blocks to enhance interpersonal and group success. Topics include:

  • Learning and Skill Development – understand the critical components and steps in acquiring the core conflict resolution competencies.
  • Information Sharing — learn to identify personal outcomes in communication and the outcomes of others. Establish and maintain rapport, and use language effectively to ensure that the message is accurate and clear.
  • Reflective Listening — develop the ability to clearly hear what another is communicating and understand what is being said at both the content and feeling level.
  • Problem Solving — formulate accurate problem statements, clarify problems, and facilitate the problem solving of others. The skills of transferal and referral are also covered.
  • Assertion — communicate thoughts, feelings, and concerns directly in a way that does not damage self-esteem or endanger the relationship.
  • Conflict Resolution — develop skills of conflict awareness, styles recognition, diagnosis, and interest-based negotiation. Learn two processes and models for addressing conflicts of resources and/or values.

Abundant exercises, self-assessments, role-plays, and chapter objectives and summaries are included to promote understanding and skill development.

This third edition now incorporates current research articles and reference links in every chapter so the reader can go beyond the material presented in the text for a more global perspective on communication and conflict resolution skills.

In addition, it is packaged with access to the KHQ, a user-friendly, self-testing application available on the iTunes and Google Play store. It includes questions based on the content in the publication and gives students feedback and explanations on answers.


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Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills