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Building Spaces for Millennial Faculty/Student Engagement

Building Spaces for Millennial Faculty/Student Engagement

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Engaging Millennial Faculty

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millennial faculty, spaces, student engagement


As a platform for discussing workplace effectiveness and workplace differences, generational differences help provide context. Unfortunately, generational differences in higher education can be a difficult subject to explore. For one, there is a broad spectrum represented by generations in higher ed. Comparatively, the retirement age of faculty is older than the traditional workplace and the starting age of new faculty is older as well because of the time it takes to complete degree requirements. This creates a unique and complex environment.

It is important though, especially as we start to see a wave of millennial faculty, that we appropriately address how faculty demographics will change and how that will impact the higher education environment at large. For the purposes of this volume, the reader needs to think strategically about how to engage millennial faculty in what has been a typically anti-millennial infrastructure. The authors would ask that you be patient with this volume; it has been developed as a practical resource. Pause as you fume at generalized generational differences and remember that not everyone fits into one box: every millennial is different, every boomer is different, etc. Still, we hope this volume will be helpful, no matter your feelings on generational differences, as you look to serve and support all faculty.


New Forums Press


Stillwater, OK


Arts and Humanities | Social and Behavioral Sciences


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Building Spaces for Millennial Faculty/Student Engagement