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Reviewed Works: Kingdom of Empty Bellies by Kei Miller; 37 Poems by Lasana M. Sekou

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Journal of West Indian Literature



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In 2005 Caribbean writers Lasana Sekou and Kei Miller each published poetry collections. Miller is in the initial stages of establishing his literary persona, and Kingdom of Empty Bellies is his first publication, which he has since followed with a collection of short stories entitled The Fear of Stones. Miller grew up in Kingston, Jamaica and did not originally conceive of himself as a poet. He admits that his love for verse actually developed out of an effort to improve his prose. Despite that his venture into the world of poetry occurred more out of need than desire, Kingdom of Empty Bellies is an exquisitely crafted and compelling collection—an impassioned and lyrical engagement of the seemingly mundane constituents of everyday Caribbean life.

Sekou, on the other hand, is an established voice in the world of Caribbean writing. He was born in Aruba but grew up in St. Martin, and his most recent book, 37 Poems, follows a host of prior publications. An author of eleven books of both poetry and prose and recipient of numerous literary awards, Sekou is one of the best known of St. Martin's authors and an outspoken advocate for the island's independence. Not only is he well situated in the creative realm of Caribbean literature, but also within its commercial boundaries. As founder of House of Nehesi Publishers (one of only a few Caribbean presses) he has published several of his own works as well as works from such literary luminaries as Kamau Brathwaite and George Lamming.





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