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What It Takes To Be A Loser…

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Jamaica Magazine

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What have you struggled with most of your life that’s left you feeling as if you’re fighting a losing battle? For me, it has been my weight. I came into the world a bouncing nine-pound baby girl, born at Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston, and I bounced my way through life to weights too horrifying to reveal. Like so many people in the Western world, I have read hundreds of articles on weight-loss and tried everything from acupuncture to the lemonade diet. Off the top of my head, I know the calorie content of at least fifty foods and the calorie deficit created by a variety of exercises; I can even explain how overeating impacts insulin sensitivity. Yet, with all this knowledge, my incidents of successful weight-loss can be counted on one hand. How could something so many of us want so badly be so elusive? What causes the weight-loss genie to appear only once for every thousand times we try to summon her?

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