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2004–2005 was another exceptional year for the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy (JMFT) and its editorial staff. In April 2004, Dr. Ronald J. Chenail was named the seventh editor of the journal and assumed full editorial responsibility on January 1, 2005. Dr. Karen S. Wampler, the sixth editor, and her editorial staff ensured a smooth transition by providing good counsel and sage advice to the new JMFT administration and staff. The journal is quite fortunate to have the collective knowledge and wisdom of its associate editors, Drs. Carmen Knudsen-Martin, Fred Piercy, Mudita Rastogi, and Mark B. White, who help the editor with the challenging task of reviewing manuscripts and rendering editorial decisions on the rich variety of papers received at the journal. The journal also benefited from the fine contributions provided by the rest of the JMFT staff: Joy Benjamin and Ada Troonin for their work as Editorial Assistants and David Ward as Production Editor, who also served as part of Dr. Wampler’s staff. Dr. Chenail retained two of the talented and dedicated individuals who had worked behind the scenes with Dr. Wampler to make the production side of the journal work smoothly. Copyeditor, Christine Malcom, who started with JMFT during the tenure of its fifth editor, Dr. Froma Walsh, diligently reviews every manuscript and makes sure the articles adhere to the high quality standards we have set for our publication. Carole Thieme, our issue designer, puts together each issue and ensures the text, table, and figures all come out looking great. This year Dr. Shelley Green assumed the role of Reviews Editor and benefited from the helpful guidance of Dr. Steven Harris, her predecessor in the position. Dr. Green has worked tirelessly in coordinating the efforts of many reviewers in order to populate the pages of JMFT with outstanding reviews on important works in the field. Dr. Green and Dr. Chenail also appreciate all of those who have written book reviews this year including: Stephanie Brooks, Patricia M. Cole, Emery J. Cummins, Jonathan Davis, Doug Greenlee, Steven M. Harris, Branden H. Henline, Bobbi Miller, John K. Miller, Thorana S. Nelson, Debra Nixon, Michael Olson, Tziporah E. Rosenberg, Jonathan G. Sandberg, Michael Ungar, and David B. Ward. The staff of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) continues to provide the support and assistance the journal needs to be the high quality publication it is. In 2005 AAMFT released the JMFT 30 Year Archive CD making every article from 1975 through 2004 available for readers at the click of a mouse. Through a relationship with ProfessionalCEU, AAMFT also launched a new service by which readers of the journal can earn continuing education hours by completing an online multiple choice test based upon the contents of each issue of JMFT. This year we redesigned the JMFT website with assistance from Michael Bowers, AAMFT Executive Director, and Jan Macario who is AAMFT’s Database and Web Design Specialist. The site’s URL is http:// and it contains a number of new features including electronic versions of the issues; a link to AAMFT Family Therapy ( searchable database; a listing of the abstracts, bibliographic databases, and indices in which JMFT can be found; a Letters to the Editor section; and calls for prospective reviewers and interns for JMFT. The site also includes a “click through” feature where visitors can read a JMFT book review and then click through via a link to Amazon. com where they can purchase the book if they wish. This program will enable AAMFT to receive a revenue stream from Amazon for each book purchased via the click through link on our web site.







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