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2006–2007 marked a significant change for the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy (JMFT) as Wiley‐Blackwell became the journal’s new publisher. The move to Wiley‐Blackwell is an exciting new development for the journal. It means an increased profile to the journal and our authors and an expanded marketing and production team including Margaret Zusky, Associate Publisher; Laura A. Bannon, Assistant Editor; Jon Speilburg, Production Editor; Jill Yablonski, Product Manager; Leigh Stoecker, Marketing Manager; and Sean Wagner, PR Specialist. The Wiley‐Blackwell team is a great group of professionals with whom to work and they bring a wealth of experience to our journal. The move to Wiley‐Blackwell also means we now have a new web site and a new electronic manuscript submission system via Manuscript Central. Both additions bring improved access and customer service to our readers, authors, and reviewers.

As journal editor I am quite fortunate to have the collective knowledge and wisdom of my associate editors, Drs. Carmen Knudsen‐Martin, Fred Piercy, Mudita Rastogi, and Mark B. White, who help the editor with the challenging task of reviewing manuscripts and rendering editorial decisions on the rich variety of papers received at the journal. Dr. Thorana Nelson joined our team in 2006–2007 and is working with me to focus more attention on teaching, learning, supervision, and training contributions to JMFT. The journal also benefited from the fine contributions provided by the rest of the JMFT staff: Kimberly Cronin as Editorial Assistant and David Ward as Production Editor, Christine Malcom as Copyeditor, and Carole Thieme as our issue designer. With the move to Wiley‐Blackwell, David, Christine, and Carole have left the JMFT team and I want to thank them on behalf of myself and all of the other JMFT editors with whom they have worked. Their invaluable assistance to the high quality of the journal is greatly appreciated.

Dr. Shelley Green continued in the role of Reviews Editor and worked tirelessly in coordinating the efforts of many reviewers in order to populate the pages of JMFT with outstanding reviews on important works in the field. Dr. Green and I also appreciate all of those who have written book reviews this year including: Dorothy Becvar, Thomas Blume, Tiffany B. Brown, Laurie L. Charlés, Arlene Brett Gordon, Doug Greenlee, Christopher M. Habben, Jacqueline Hudak, Bruce Kuehl, John J. Lawless, Janet Mineo, John K. Miller, William F. Northey, David B. Seaburn, and Kami L. Schwerdtfeger.

The staff of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) continues to provide the support and assistance the journal needs to be the high quality publication it is. It was through their strong leadership and vision that we were able to secure the resources of Wiley‐Blackwell to further the mission of JMFT.

2006–2007 also saw the initiation of the JMFT Virtual Internship Program (VIP). As part of the VIP interns learn the basics of the scholarly editorial process including how to conduct blind, peer reviews. The inaugural VIP members were Amy Blanchard (East Carolina University), Holly Cox (Nova Southeastern University), Brian Distelberg (Michigan State University, Narkia Green (Virginia Tech University), Nichole Langley Huff (East Carolina University), Tara Lehan (Florida State University), Bill Oigarden (Barry University), Lisa Platt (Pennsylvania State University), Lindsay Ruddick (Kansas State University), Kami Lyn Schwerdtfeger (Texas Tech University), Rachel Tambling Blyskal (The University of Georgia), Sara Timmon (Michigan State University), and Henry Warnock (Southern Christian University). Marcela Polanco of Nova Southeastern University served as VIP Coordinator.







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