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In addition to the usual activities of managing the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy (JMFT) in 2009–2010, I have also had the pleasure of working with Dr. Douglas Sprenkle on preparing the next edition of the marital and family therapy effectiveness special issue in JMFT. Dr. Sprenkle, as guest editor of the issue, has worked tirelessly in selecting authors for the individual reviews and providing guidance throughout the manuscript development phase of the project. As part of this endeavor the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) sponsored a meeting in Washington in July where authors presented their drafts and received feedback from colleagues. Authors will be submitting their revised drafts by the end of September and the editorial review process will culminate in the special JMFT effectiveness issue which will be published in 2010. The journal continues to prosper due to our positive relationship with Wiley-Blackwell, our publisher. We continue to receive excellent support and guidance from the Wiley-Blackwell marketing and production team including Margaret Zusky, Associate Publisher; Benjamin Hogan, Production Editor; Jill Yablonski, Product Manager; Leigh Stroecker, Marketing Manager; and Sean Wagner, PR Specialist. As journal editor I am quite fortunate to have the collective knowledge and wisdom of my associate editors, Drs. Carmen Knudson-Martin, Fred Piercy, Mudita Rastogi, Thorana Nelson, and Mark B. White, as well as statistical editor, Colwick Wilson, who all help with the challenging task of reviewing manuscripts and rendering editorial decisions on the rich variety of papers received at the journal. The journal could also not operate as effectively as it does if it were not for the consistently efficient and professional support provided by Kimberly Cronin, our superb Editorial Assistant. Dr. Shelley Green continued in the role of Reviews Editor and worked tirelessly in coordinating the efforts of many reviewers in order to populate the pages of JMFT with outstanding reviews on important works in the field. Dr. Green and I also appreciate all of those who have written book reviews this year including: Mike Fitzpatrick, Doug Greenlee, Jeffrey Krepps, Martha Marquez, Harriet Kiviat, Jinhee Lee, Andria Botzet, Janet Yeats, and Chris Mehus. The staff of AAMFT continues to provide the support and assistance the journal needs to be the high quality publication it is. Through their strong leadership and vision we continue to further the mission of JMFT. Executive Director Michael Bowers has been exemplary in his support once again for the journal as well as for the special meeting held July in support of the effective issue development.







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