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Spinning Warm Stories: The Wholehearted Scholarship of Arthur Bochner


Department of Family Therapy

Publication Date

Winter 1-1-2004

Publication Title

American Communication Journal






ABSTRACTThe article presents information on the writer Arthur P. Bochner and his views regarding Art. Art has developed a body of work that gives life to these rules, save perhaps for the latter elements of number. Having become more interested in telling, better, showing than explaining, artistic people has devoted himself to spinning contextually rich narratives, rather than to developing explanatory principles. That Art has taken this Batesonian path demonstrates great courage. Bochner made the point in his 1979 talk that despite the importance of Bateson's ideas, they had little impact on the education and indoctrination of American social scientists. This was not surprising, Art mused, for if social scientists were to begin to think and theorize in a Batesonian fashion, they risked suffering a psychotic break, being denied tenure, or ending up radicalizing scientific work on communication.

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