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Communication Technologies Promoting Educational Communities with Scholarship of Engagement

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Purpose -- This study aims to present Dramatic Problem Solving Facilitation Model (DPSFM) and Interactive Management (IM) as innovative alternative dispute resolution approaches that incorporate communicationtechnologies in recording and analyzing data. DPSFM utilizes performance-based actions with facilitation methods to help participants design action plans. Interactive Management (IM) utilizes a holistic, culturally sensitive and systemic approach to resolve complex problems. Communication technological assistance is accompanied by IM to enhance parsimony and support saliency of the ideas generated. Both approaches support action plans. This paper argues that both DPSFM and IM are theoretical frameworks that are valuable for conflict resolution, educators, and social science specialists who are interested in conducting research under the paradigm of knowing referred to as "Scholarship of Engagement". This paradigm engages participants in research while promoting action plans and improving status quo conditions. The current paper overviews the benefits of both models and makes a strong case for application of their communication technologies across a variety of contexts. DPSFM and IM are directly involved with promoting change, and supporting actions to improve human conditions. The framework of "Scholarship of Engagement" is introduced as an integrative model for "praxis". The purpose of this paper was to provide alternative options for working in facilitation groups.

Design/methodology/approach -- The methodological approach involved the models of DPSFM and IM.

Findings -- The findings of DPSFM and IM applications have been positive and they were revealed in several domestic and international settings.

Originality/value -- The value of this work is that it presents an alternative perspective to traditional models in facilitation. The work has transferability in a number of community settings.







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