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Highest Degree Completed

Undergraduate Degree

NSU Major

Biology, Neuroscience

NSU Minor

Pre-Health, Honors Transdisciplinary Studies, Exercise Science, Public Health

NSU Undergraduate Degree

BS Neuroscience

Other Undergraduate Degree


NSU Undergraduate Date

2021 - 2025

Specialties / Areas of Interest

The medical specialties I am interested are aerospace, motorsports, sports, emergency, and rural medicine.

Other Institutions of Study

Associate of Arts, General Education (Highest Honors), Broward College, 2021

Current Employer

Nova Southeastern University


Laboratory Assistant

NSU Experience

Helping my mom get into the Psy.D. program here at NSU, where she will start in Fall 2024! I helped her prepare for the GRE and was by her side throughout the application process, and was elated when all her hard work paid off. I am so excited and proud that I will be going to school with her!

NSU Success

In addition to the course content that I learned in the program, the countless stories, advice, and insights from my professors and peers, and the closeness among the undergraduate department of the college (as there are fewer students in this major than BIology majors) are among the most prominent factors that made me successful throughout undergrad and no doubt beyond.

NSU Highlights

As a Neuroscience major, I of course learned a lot more regarding the nervous system than in my biology classes, but more so I was able to see what other career paths were out there regarding the Neuroscience field and how that was able to translate into the world of medicine. Across my Neuroscience courses, I was allowed to examine clinical neuroscience literature and cases that applied to the medical field perfectly. Overall, the program provided me with further education that I could directly apply to medical school and showcased the different realms of research and careers in the field of Neuroscience.

I Wish I Knew

I wish I knew all the different Neuroscience courses I could take (even as an elective), such as Neurobiology of Disease and Introduction to Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience, to broaden my knowledge of diseases and clinical cases and better prepare me for medical school and possible research opportunities.


When making your academic plan, plan ahead and input the days and times for each future course in an organized Excel document, this way, you can see if you can add another major or more minors to your degree. I have made around 20 different plans on my own, and my organization paid off as I was able to carry two majors and four minors, the maximum course load at NSU (currently). Carry the same meticulous organization regarding both your personal and institutional emails so that you will not miss an important one.

Also, make group chats for ALL of your classes! That way, you can help each other and make some friends :).



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